The trade is in our blood

Our history started in Ecser (Hungary) in 1968. Although that year is now history, it also means that we rely on over half a century’s experience in all our projects.

In the beginning, our legal predecessor, Ecseri Törekvő MGTSz, a local agricultural production cooperative, employed 15 workers. After moving to another site, our plant in Gyömrő employed 90 employees, most of whom were metalworkers. At that time, our main profile was machinery and equipment making for domestic and international markets. Already back then, our biggest partners included prestigious companies such as ÁFOR (a state-owned oil corporation, the predecessor of MOL), MÁV Zrt. (Hungarian Railways), KÖVAC Gépgyártó Kft. (a machine building company), MIRKÖZ Diesel és Hűtőtechnikai Szövetkezet (an equipment manufacturer) and LÁNG Gépgyár (another machine building company).

As the time passed, our company’s profile also became clearer. Our company is in 100% Hungarian ownership and manufactures metal and iron structures (including railway interlocking mechanisms), but we also provide cutting (including laser cutting), edge bending, thread cutting and boring, welding, sheet and bar material cutting services for business and retail clients.

We know that the knowledge of our employees is our biggest value, but we pay at least the same attention to developing our equipment. To this end, we have installed cutting-edge techniques and technologies in our 1,000 square-metre hall, a building that is in itself a rarity in our field.

Our product portfolio includes custom-made lamp stands, support structures, lattice masts, construction scaffolds, equipment frames for the food industry, and stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium products.

Our production processes meet standard requirements by far, as demonstrated by our operating ISO 9001 quality management system. Some of the clients who have trusted us so far: R-Kord Építőipari Kft., Herceghalmi Kereskedőház Kft., Belfry PE, GYESEV Zrt., Bobály Művek, HARLEY-BAU Kft.

We do not say that we were born with hammers in our hands, but we do say that our employees’ skills, the high quality of our products, our quick and precise way of work, reasonable prices, and flexible payment terms have made us what we are today.

Ákos Tóbiás
Owner of
Tóbiás és Társa Fémipari Kft.